Pierfranca Forchini, PhD

Project Director

The American Movie Corpus

The American Movie Corpus (AMC) is a collection of movie dialogs

transcribed by the AMC team which does not include any audiovisual material or script from the web.

The AMC site is intended as a point of contact for scholars interested in movie discourse.

The Idea behind the Project

Although movies are artifacts by nature, investigations of the AMC (see Publication, Talks and Projects) have, indeed, revealed that their dialogs share the same textuality and linguistic features which characterize face-to-face conversation and that language learners can improve their spoken competence by actively watching movies. Starting (1) from these results, (2) from the assumption that spoken language has a primary role in communication and (3) from the fact that despite its primacy it is rarely included in language classes, the main idea behind the project is to offer a tool for linguistic scholars to investigate movie discourse and spoken registers

and for language learners/teachers to fill this gap and develop spoken lexico-grammatical competence.

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