Pierfranca Forchini, PhD

Project Director

The American Movie Corpus

TALKS (Conferences & Seminars)

SLA PhD Seminar, University College London (UK), January 2024

Valentina Morgana: Teaching spoken features with the American Movie Corpus: a task-based approach.

Webinar for the Learning Technology SIG of IATEFL, February 2024

Valentina Morgana: Movies as multimodal input in EFL: a technology-mediated TBLT perspective.

Corpus Linguistics 2023, Lancaster (UK), July 3-6, 2023

Movie transcriptions and subtitles: “Two of a kind” for spoken lexicogrammar.

Pierfranca Forchini & Marcia Veirano Pinto

Corpus Linguistics 2023, Lancaster (UK), July 3-6, 2023

Valentina Morgana: Learning spoken features with the American Movie Corpus: a TBLT approach

XVI RaAM Conference (Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor), University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain), June 28-30, 2023

Francesca Seracini: Metaphors in American movies and the conceptualisation of key values.

The Eighth International Conference on Teacher Education, Passion and Professionalism in Teacher Education (Tel Aviv), June 26-27, 2023

Amanda Murphy & Pierfranca Forchini: The American Movie Corpus: An Effective Teaching Tool for Spoken English

International Conference Language MOOCS and OER: new trends and challenges, Università di Napoli L'Orientale (Italy), September 2023

Valentina Morgana (Keynote Speaker): Opportunities and challenges in technology-mediated TBLT: striking a balance

Contemporary Trends in English-Language Studies Conference, University of Zielona Góra (Poland), May 18-19  2023.

Francesca Seracini: Interdisciplinary approaches to English-language use in professional contexts: the representation of leadership styles in US movies.

AACL 2022, Northern Arizona University (Arizona, USA), September 9-12

Pierfranca Forchini, Amanda Murphy, Valentina Morgana, Francesca Seracini, Francesca Poli:

PANEL: The American Movie Corpus: Are we really NOT having this conversation?

CADS 2022, Università degli Studi di Bologna (Italy), August 27-28

Pierfranca Forchini & Valentina Morgana: Accessing spoken discourse through Movie Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis (Movie-CADS): Evidence from the Italian secondary school and university classroom.

Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy), 2022

[MAVTO (Master in traduzione per il cinema, la televisione e l'editoria multimediale ), Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne]

Pierfranca Forchini: Screen English Corpora: Building Criteria, Transcription Guidelines and Analyses.

Università degli Studi di Trieste (Italy), 2020

[Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche, del Linguaggio, dell’Interpretazione e della Traduzione]

Pierfranca Forchini: The grammar of movie language.

Clavier 2019, Pisa (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini & Amanda Murphy: The status of spoken grammar: a challenge to ESP.

AIA 2019, Padova (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Investigating spoken grammar and pronunciation in the American Movie Corpus: innovative research practices and teaching tools.

Pierfranca Forchini & Francesca Seracini: Pronunciation and Lexico-Grammar in American Movies: a Study into the Correlation of Varieties and Character Traits.

Francesca Poli: Terms of endearment in pre-2000 American movie conversation: the case of darling and baby.

Ivano Celentano: Terms of endearment in post-2000 American movie conversation: the case of honey and baby.

XXVIII AIA Conference 2017, Pisa (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Dimensions “Assembled”: The Nature of Movie Conversation.

International Corpus Linguistics Conference 2017, Birmingham (UK)

Pierfranca Forchini: The applicability of movies in legal language teaching: Evidence from Multi-Dimensional Analysis.

Clavier 2014, Milano, (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of movie and real trials and its teaching applicability.

The American Association for Corpus Linguistics (AACL) 2014, Flagstaff (Arizona, USA)

Pierfranca Forchini: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of the Legal Arena: Movie vs. Real Trials.

AIA 2013 Remediating, Rescripting, Remaking: Old and New Challenges in English Studies, Parma (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini & Amanda Murphy: Julie and Julia writings and rewritings.

The American Association for Corpus Linguistics (AACL) 2013, San Diego (California, USA)

Pierfranca Forchini: Leading questions in courtroom trials and drama.

The languages of films: Dubbing, acquisition and methodology 2012, Pavia (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Multi-Dimensional analyses and corpus-driven approaches to specialized and non-specialized movie language: new perspectives for language teaching.

Pierfranca Forchini & Francesca Caracciolo: A comparative and contrastive description of vocatives in movie language.

Current Research in Applied English Linguistics: what relevance for EFL Teachers?  CLUC 2012, Brescia (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Using movies in the language classroom: new perspectives and implications.

AACL (American Association for Corpus Linguistics) 2011, Atlanta (Georgia, USA)

Pierfranca Forchini: Teaching speech via movies: “That's great, you got the Cokes!"

ESSE 2010, Torino (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Spoken conversation and movie dialogs: two of a kind. Empirical evidence from Multi-Dimensional analysis.

Clavier 2009, Modena (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Using movie corpora to explore spoken American English. Evidence from Multi-Dimensional Analysis.

AIA 2009, Roma (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: Movie conversation: a reflection of face-to-face conversation and a source for teaching spoken language.

Corpus Linguistics 2009, Liverpool (UK)

Pierfranca Forchini: Spontaneity reloaded: American face-to-face and movie conversation compared.

Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies (IVACS) 2008 Limerick (Ireland)

Pierfranca Forchini: “Well, you know, you've been avoiding confrontation”. Linguistic devices in spoken and written-to-be-spoken language.

Contact Day, Ecolingua Project 2008, Trieste (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: The functions of get in corpora of spontaneous and non-spontaneous  mediated language: from syntactic versatility to semantic similarity.

GlobEng Satellite Symposium “Native and non-native mediated discourse and the changing English language 2008, Verona (Italy)

Pierfranca Forchini: The American Movie Corpus: a database for mediated language studies.

IPRA, Gothenburg 2007 (Sweden)

Pierfranca Forchini: The functions of get in corpora of spontaneous and written-to-be-spoken language: from syntactic versatility to semantic similarity.

ICAME 28 2007, Stratford-upon-Avon (UK)

Pierfranca Forchini: “I mean, what was that about?”. Spontaneous and non-spontaneous conversation compared.

Intermedia 2007,  (Poland)

Pierfranca Forchini: “Well, no. I mean, you know…”. Discourse markers in movie translation.